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Rapid City Distance offers summer programs designed to help kids learn about the sport of Cross Country. 

There are a couple of different programs, each designed to be developmentally appropriate.  

K-2 & 3-5 Kids Cross Country

There is very little "competition" in the K-5 "Kids Cross Country" program, outside of a season-ending Cross Country race.  The primary aim is gaining fitness and having fun, there's plenty of time for serious training and competition later on. 

Middle School Pre-Season Cross Country

As kids move into Middle School, there are opportunities to compete on Middle School Cross Country teams at their respective schools.  The Pre-Season Cross Country program will prepare them for the fall season. 

The middle school group will start more structured training, but still in a fun environment.  

Each week, students will train endurance, speed, strength, flexibility along with running technique instruction. 

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