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You won't see typical "training" in our sessions.  What you will see are engaging games and activities that help build important biomotor skills that can transfer to any other sport and more importantly, develop a foundation for lifetime fitness. 

#1 Circle- Up 

Get to know one another and preview the day. ​

#2 Warm-Up Activity 

A fun game to get moving and enhance cardiovascular fitness. 

#3 Water Break 

Shade and water are important for young athletes. ​

#4 Skill Stations 

4-5 skill stations target essential locomotor skills and challenge balance and coordination. ​

#5 Water Break 

Again, young kids need proper hydration and cooling! ​

#6 Large Group Game 

A game typically targeting speed.  These games include all types of relays and challenges. ​

#6 Mile Club & Treat! 

The final activity for each session is the popular "Mile Club".  Kids self-select pace and the number of "mini-miles" they complete before the end of the song.  

We'll help each child keep track of their "Miles" and they'll receive a certificate with their "miles" at the final session. 

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